Monday, February 29, 2016

Organizing a Playtest Group for my White Star Adventure

Scifi Jungle by Kaioshen of deviantart

I am pleased to announce that I finished writing the first draft of The Neutron Talisman, a White Star Compatible adventure.  I figured since my core group for various reasons can't commit to this, I can ask around interested communities and use my blog to shine the spotlight on my latest project.

This is the Looking for Group listing on Roll20.

The Neutron Talisman is an adventure suitable for 4 to 6 PCs of 1st to 3rd level.  The PCs are hired by a patron to see to the safe return of a research team who went missing in the ruins on an alien planet.  However, things are not as they seem as nefarious forces are intent on recovering the ruins' secrets for themselves.

It has a dungeon crawl format, but also city and wilderness hexcrawl part as well as post-dungeon encounters.

The game's over at Roll20, this Saturday March 5th at 6 PM EST. We'll be using voice chat.  Ideally I predict that the adventure length would take 1 long session or 2 average sessions.  I need at least 2 players; if we have 2 or 3 players we can have one or both play 2 PCs to meet the minimum qualifications.

As courtesy I'd like to ask ahead of time that when using voice chat to make sure your environs are not disruptively loud.  If you have a roommate who likes to curse out players on XBox Live, for example, that would be a problem.

If you're interested, leave a "looking to join" post in the linked section!