Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Comprehensive List of White Star Products

So back on last week's chat at Tenkar's Tavern, I inquired into the amount of White Star-compatible material floating around out there, and James Spahn estimated the current number to be around around 50.  This took me by surprise; I understand that the game's a very popular one, but until then my recollection only included about 8 or 10 products, given how ones such as Five Year Mission and Star Sailors stood out so strongly in my mind.

I took a look around OneBookshelf, and found that 50 isn't much of an exaggeration; 53 if we include the official Barrel Rider Games books.  There's a lot of material out there for the game, but as there's no "White Star" tag it's harder to find them except under related purchases.  Still, I combed through the catalog to find some books, and snagged a couple on the way.  Below is a list of compatible products I found so far on OneBookShelf, along with hyperlinks.

For the purposes of this list I'm not including OSR sourcebooks with a sci-fi flair in general, but rather ones who specifically call themselves out as being compatible with the White Star RPG. I'm continually updating this page as more releases come out, so check back here every month or so to see if anything new hit the digital shelves.

Barrel Rider Games:

Brimling: Halflings in Space!

Combat Medic: a support-focused healer class.

Uttin: new alien techno-scavenger class.

White Star Companion [Swords & Wizardry]: an expansion book for the core game.

Blue Max Studios:

Ships of the Galaxy: the Monarch Courier: new maps, adventure seeds, and a starship.

Species Spotlight: Abhorrans: three alternative viewpoints for a new antagonistic alien race.

Species Spotlight: Myrmidoni: new warlike alien race.

Creation's Edge Games:

Some Miner Trouble: a mini-adventure set around exploring an asteroid mine.

W1: Peril at the Pod Auction- A Sci-Fi RPG Mini-Adventure: a mini-adventure set around sealed dangerous pods for sale.

W2: Twelve Easy Parsecs- A Sci-Fi RPG Mini-Adventure: a mini-adventure set around a company looking for pilots to test their experimental new starship.

W3; Revolt at the Spire- A Sci-Fi RPG Mini-Adventure: a mini-adventure set around delivering a priceless instrument to a resort world.


Event Horizon- A White Star Adventure: a lowl-level horror-themed adventure.

DIY RPG Productions:

The Starrunner Kit: a Sci-Fi Space Toolkit: rules supplement full of new classes, equipment, mechs, adventure generation.

DM Studios:

Space Cede: adventure where the PCs are helping a prison transport, and a new Officer class.

Star Temple of Saturgalia: mini-adventure centered around an abandoned Star Knight temple.

DwD Studios:

Hyperspace Messenger 01-Stunners: Rules for nonlethal combat.

Hyperspace Messenger 02-Robots: New robot NPCs and 'creatures.'

Hyperspace Messenger 03-Aliens: New alien generation via die-based tables.

Hyperspace Messenger 04-Skills: Alternate rule for adding a skill system into White Star.

Hyperspace Messenger 05-Vehicles: 15 new vehicles, rules for haggling and buying/selling cargo.

Hyperspace Messenger 06-Cyberware: New rules and equipment for cybernetic implants.

Hyperspace Messenger Compendium: An 80 page softcover book of the previous 6 products plus star systems.

DYS Games:

Between Star & Void: Sourcebook expansion for Star Knights and Void Knights.

Psionics: A new class and psionics system for Swords & Wizardry and White Star.

Psionics II: Warriors of the Mind: Further expansion on psionics with new classes, alien races, and Wild Talents.

Relics of the Akashics: new equipment and material based on an ancient star-spanning empire.

Tools of the Worldbuilders: New campaign and world-building centric rules for White Star.

Genius Loci Games:

Amazons of Valsuum: a planetary romance Swords & Sandal adventure and setting

Gods of Air & Water: Introduction for a pulp-flavored sci-fi setting and adventure.

InfiniBadger Press:

The Graveyard at Lus: a comprehensive sourcebook on exploring and generating ship graveyards, along with new alien races, technology, and hexmaps.

The Graveyard at Lus Expansion 1: a cross-reference for starships and a new alien race.

The White Star Catalog: a free promotional publication highlighting White Star-compatible books.

Ivanhoe Unbound:

Five Year Mission: a sourcebook heavily inspired by the Star Trek universe.

The Rocker: a galactic musical celebrity class.

Leviathan Publishing:

Drongo: Planet of Peril: a campaign setting planet.

Planetary Transmission Issue #1: fanzine full of new content for White Star.

Planetary Transmission Issue #2: fanzine full of new content for White Star.

Ships of Shade Space: New ship sourcebook.

Magic Pig Media:

Have Death Ray, Will Travel: a retro-future setting inspired by pulp comics and early-20th century sci-fi.

Outer Space Raiders: the Norni: nomadic alien racial classes for White Star.

Outer Space Raiders: Space Amazons: warrior-alien racial classes for White Star.

Outer Space Raiders: Zeloxians: bureaucracy-obsessed alien racial classes and equipment for White Star.

Outer Space Raiders Vol. 1: Classes: Six new classes.

Stark Space: a cyberpunk-themed sourcebook.

Middle Kingdoms Adventure & Trading Co:

Heart of Darkness: a dungeon crawl taking place in an abandoned starship.

Mystic Bull Games:

Galaxy War 1939- Legacy of the Oros: a WWII-themed science fiction adventure.

Northern Edge Publishing:

High Tech Vehicles: 14 new vehicles and vehicle-centric weapons and equipment.

Okumarts Games:

The Other Side Publishing:

Sisters of the Aquarian Order: class sourcebook for an order of women space mystics.

Poor Referee's Press

The Space Monkey Player Character: a humorous class where you play as an intelligence simian.

Quasar Knight Enterprises:

Old School Scifi: the Hacker Class: a Vancian-themed computer genius class with new equipment and sample "skill" systems.

Sleeping Griffon Productions:

Distress Signal Tundara- A SciFi Extended Encounter: mini-adventure taking place in a dangerous cargo ship.

Mail Call- A SciFi Extended Encounter: a mini-adventure centered around the PCs part of a courier service gone wrong.

Small Niche Games:

Star Gods Help Us: a humor-themed sourcebook full of new alien races.

WBO04: Stuck on Etholk: a low-level adventure where the PCs are stranded on a dangerous planet.

WBO05: True Night Life: a low-level adventure centered around a robot demolition derby at a nightclub.

Stellagama Publishing:

Cheating Death: new rules for dodging death, from cybernetic conversion and biological reconstruction.

Scum & Villainy: a criminal-centric sourcebook.

Zeta and Tuko: Two new playable alien classes, along with new equipment and psionics rules.

Thunderegg Productions:

Assimilant Menace! a sourcebook expanding on the Assimilant aliens from the White Star rulebook.

Galactic Ship Ops: a more in-depth system for creating and playing with starships.

OSR Enemy & Mission Generator: a free one-page supplement for creating adventure material.

OSR Sci-Fi GM Screen: an easily accessible collection of printer-friendly image covers and tables.

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