Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Adventure Ideas Wish List

Torch of the Burning Sky by Claudio Pozas

I realize that I haven't blogged in nearly 3 weeks, and one of my ideas is taking more work than I realized, so I decided to follow up with something nice and quick.

Maybe it's a published adventure.  Maybe it's a pitched campaign concept, but your regular gaming group's not biting.  Maybe you're one of those idea guys, who has all sorts of neat creations yet little time to play them all.  This is such a post, a wish list of adventures and campaigns I'd like to try out one of these days.  It's unlikely that I'll try any of them soon, especially the more long-term ones, but a guy can dream.

Below are the major campaign ideas, both original and published, I want to try out one day.  What adventures are on your wish list?  Feel free to share!

1. X-Crawl Road Trip: The PCs are an internationally famous crew of gladiators in the Roman Empire's most popular reality television contest. Their next destination is a dungeon-crawl in Lawrence, Kansas, and they travel in a luxury entourage of limousines and summoned mounts. Unfortunately their magically-powered transportation runs out of gas smack-dab on a highway somewhere in Middle America. Celebrity status can only get them so far, and they need to get to Lawrence within 72 hours or else their position is forfeit! Do they go monster-hunting to raise gas money, hitch-hike with a bus full of demon-worshiping metalheads, or steal their rival crawlers' truck golem when they stop at the local bar and grill?

Yes, I'm partially inspired by Final Fantasy XV for this.

2. Red Dragon Inn: I actually played 2 sessions of this before, but I'd like to run it again someday. Basically I utilize the rules from Red Dragon Inn: Guide to Inns & Taverns. The PCs inherit an inn which has a statue dedicating to a goddess of hearth and home in the basement. Satisfied customers generate energy of positive feeling, which the statue can then convert into magical items and other things PCs enjoy. Meanwhile the surrounding lands contain room for adventure, such as a fabled magical icebox which can preserve perishable food for weeks. There are also potentially interesting encounters, such as a 1st-level destined hero who stops at the inn...while the demon lord's agents tasked with her destruction are also staying there!

3. Slay la Slay: A Tome of Battle/Path of War-centric game where the PCs are students at a fabled Battle Academy, disciples of a monk's monastery, or some other environment heavily inspired by shounen/seinen fighting anime. And yes, it's expected that people will shout out the names of their maneuvers in combat.

Will include a cloud/storm giant with a size-changing ring in charge of student discipline.

4. Sword of Levity: Published Adventure.  A campaign utilizing the Sword of Air sandbox adventure by Frog God Games, only this plays up some of the more whimsical and sillier elements.

5. Way of the Wicked: Published Adventure.  The PCs are a fifth columnist cell of devil-worshipers plotting to overthrow the holy and virtuous nation of Talingarde.  They will engage in all manner of dastardly plots such as outfitting a dungeon to guard against pesky adventurers, sabotage a border fortress so that a monstrous horde can break through into the heartland, and even form their own evil organization!

6. Zeitgeist: the Gears of Revolution: Published Adventure.  Set in a pseudo-Victorian nation of Risur experiencing an industrial revolution of technomagic, the PCs are royal agents tasked with stopping threats to king and country.  Urban investigation and conspiracies amid a steampunk backdrop.

7. Rappan Athuk Charity Crawl: Published Adventure.  The name of the game is to see how far the players can get in this megadungeon without dying horribly.  Dead PCs are replaced with new ones, so even a TPK is not the end of the campaign.

Inspired by Final Fantasy's Four Job Fiesta charity, turning it into a charity even via livestream can be a cool idea.  Pledging to donate $1 for every dead PC, $10 for every dungeon level cleared, or something to that effect.

8. War of the Burning Sky: Published Adventure.  A mighty empire's ruler is killed, and civil war sweeps over this fantasy world of high magic as twelve would-be conquerors bring chaos and bloodshed to the realms. The PCs join a resistance movement to bring freedom and vanquish Evil from the oppressed realms!

9. The Dragonlance Chronicles: Published Adventure.  Naturally I'll alter the adventure in many ways to update it to modern standards, but its prominent status, as well as being the ur-adventure path, have an appeal to me.