Friday, March 25, 2016

Rogue Comet deploys on OneBookShelf!

Around early February I expressed an interest in Dungeonesque, a boxed set containing material on how to run 5th Edition games in the style of Red Box Basic Dungeons & Dragons. Although their IndieGoGo predicts a release sometime in May, a pair of compatible adventures are now for sale on OneBookShelf.

As of now Redmark Adventures Volume 1 is available for both 1st and 5th Edition, yet only as printed softcovers and not PDFs which I prefer. I find it interesting that the adventures take place on a higher level range than most OSR modules, which tend to be friendlier to beginning adventurers.

I do hope to see more Redmark volumes, and Dungeonesque proper, on OneBookShelf, all hopefully accessible via PDF. I only got into crowdfunding very very recently, so I didn't have the opportunity to pledge money on IndieGoGo.

If any of my readers own a copy of this adventure, I'd be interested in hearing about it!