Saturday, April 11, 2015

All of Quasar Knight Enterprises product off 40% for one day only!

Although I price my work at very reasonable rates in comparison to other D20 products of similar size, at 40% off you can get a lot of content for a few bucks.  My selection is sure to please Pathfinder and OSR fans, especially folks who find the idea of monstrous PCs, cool fighter feats, and alignment-free games appealing.

If these books are new to new, I'll give a brief rundown on what each one can enhance your play experience.

The Abstract Thief is a Pathfinder base class based around the mage-thief archetype.  Basically the class is a talented person who sees the threads binding all of reality, and can manipulate said threads to steal essential concepts from others, such as luck, youth, vitality, knowledge, and more!  The Abstract Thief has a diverse skill set of roguish traits such as Sneak Attack, is a prepared caster who specializes in subtle arcane magic (such as enchantment and illusion), and has access to Abstractions which usually take the form of a ranged debuffing attack where they "steal" an intangible trait from an enemy.

A Fine Bunch of Monsters is a mini-bestiary of 12 new monsters for Pathfinder.  The game is very short on monsters of Fine and Diminutive size which aren't some variety of insect swarm, so I rectified the situation by making varied monsters for a wide range of Challenge Ratings.  It contains unique entries such as the grubalugs, gluttonous walking miniature mouths with extradimensional stomachs; animated vegetables which distract and splat against enemies; the magebeetle, every wizard's bane and consumer of arcane knowledge.

Death to Alignment is by far my most popular product.  It is a supplement with one simple purpose: to alter Pathfinder's game mechanics, from class features to spells, so that GMs can run alignment-free games without little unforeseen consequences such as paladins getting nerfed now that they don't have smite evil.  Also included are sample variant morality systems, such as evil being measured in Corruption Points or a 3-axis alignment of good/neutral/evil.

Nice Things for Fighters is intended to appeal to the demographic of Pathfinder players unsatisfied with the lack of game balance between martials and spellcasters.  The book provides a sampling of new feats both easy to qualify for and intended to shore up martial weaknesses.  For example, Dancing on the Wind allows your PC to jump vast distances by gaining an effective 1-round fly speed; Mighty Lungs and Thunderclap where super-strong heroes can blow gusts of wind with their breath and create shockwaves with a strong stomp.  Also included are new archetypes such as the Grappling Cord Acrobat and Warrior-Poet.

Old School Monster Classes is a Labyrinth-Lord Compatible Product which not only provides racial classes for iconic beings such as the giant and medusa, but also new interesting cultural details to provide setting incentives for how their societies might coexist with baseline humanoids.  Giants are the mighty descendants of a fallen empire; nagas are serpentine magical guardians of ley lines and planar crossroads; doppelgangers are sneaky hunters of forgotten lore created by a mysterious organization of scholars; and harpies are tainted human women fond of the arts who find ample demand for their natural flight and mesmerizing voices.

Playable Monsters, Vol. 1: Fantasy Iconics & Mythology is like Old School Monster Classes, except it utilizes the Pathfinder ruleset.  It also contains 2 new races not present in the former, the Boggard and Sahuagin.  Basically my monstrous variants contain the creatures' most iconic abilities, only scaled down when necessary to be balanced alongside the "core races."

I hope that at least one of these sound appealing to you.  I'm grateful for any support you can give me, whether it's purchasing my work or sharing the page with folk you know who might find it interesting.  Although my specialty right now is in Pathfinder, over time I plan on writing more supplements for other game systems, and funds I gain from sales of current work will be utilized for the creation of even more products!