Tuesday, March 7, 2017

State of the Union: New campaigns, a Tenkar's Tavern pick, and more

Slumbering Tsar Cover Art

I have horrible organization skills. The only two constants in my life are my day job and my tabletop games, and even the latter is subject to change based on players' real life concerns. Aside from this, I am scatterbrained even when it comes to my entertainment. Video games played for dozens of hours lay uncompleted to gather dust when another catches my interest. I share news of cool happenings in geek culture with friends on Steam, only to forget who I told what and end up repeating myself. I got so engrossed in the Witcher 3 the last month I neglected my blog, my writing, and scheduled events.

I bought a weekly planner to get my life back in order, and after noticing my last blog post and undone projects like Dragons of Renewal and Arcana High, I set out to start working again on the things I feel passionate about and want to release into the world for viewers' enjoyment. This blog post is a sort of news update of sorts, to let you know what's been going on while I've been gone.

Two New Campaigns: Way of the Wicked, the Dragonlance Chronicles, Slumbering Tsar, and more. I own a fair share of adventure paths and epic sagas, but many of them go unplayed as mere reading material. I'm pleased to note that my Saturday and Sunday groups settled on two Frog God Games mega-adventures to try out: Slumbering Tsar and Northlands Saga respectively. Amusingly this was mere coincidence that they were of the same publisher; I presented both groups with 4 or 5 adventures I was keen on running, and let them decide. The Northlands game has been going for a month now, 4 sessions in, and Slumbering Tsar just began last week. We're having fun with both, and I may keep a campaign journal of both if the gaming groups are fine with me sharing on the blog.

A Tenkar's Tavern OSR Pick: Yesterday Erik Tenkar shared Part One of several products part of the GM's Day weekly sale. My latest book, Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery, was among the choices. Although I did my part to spread awareness of the sale, it's humbling to see one's own work as a recommended pick on one of the most popular OSR blogs. For a time I was afraid that my book would get hardly any notice, that a magic school campaign style wasn't as popular as I thought it would be, a not uncommon fear I have whenever making a new product. It's nice to see that the time and effort I put in to it has not gone unrewarded.