Sunday, March 6, 2016

New White Star Homebrew: Redayo Alien Class

Slitheroid Morph from Eclipse Phase Corebook

There's a White Star compatible book called Hyperspace Messenger 03: Aliens. It has an open-ended system designed for quick generation of new alien species, as well as turning them into classes.  The best part of it is that the system in question is Open Game Content, and the author encourages people to make their own creations to share with the community.  This lit my inspiration enough to try my hand at it as well.

The Redayo

Hailing from a forlorn solar system home to a single tiny, barren planet, the Redayo are an isolationist species with a large cultural fear against spending too much time far from home.  Centuries ago they engaged in a devastating war with the Void Knights, giving birth to a new warrior class known as the Urrli.  These starbound soldiers take on the unenviable of going out into the galaxy to safeguard their species from outside threats.  Almost all Redayo encountered away from their homeworld belong to this societal strata, giving the impression to wider galactic society that they're a warrior race.

Physical Traits: Redayo bear a serpentine figure with a pair of arms and opposable thumbs, ranging in total length from 7 to 9 feet and weighing on average 200 to 300 pounds. Their scale coloration tends toward dark, earthy hues such as deep red, brown, leafy green, and black, and their heads bear a pair of antennae which act as their primary olfactory organs.  Their eyes are a featureless yellow, with no irises.

It is not generally known how Redayo reproduce, although it's believed that they undergo parthenogenesis, a form of asexual reproduction where embryos develop without fertilization.  They also have longer lifespans than humans; most Urrli do not die of natural causes, but there's one in the galaxy who's said to have lived to the ripe old age of 135.

Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Redayo Urrli master a specific fighting style incorporating the use of bows, mono-swords, and staffs. They may only wear light armor and may not use shields.

In regards to bows, many Urrli buy specialized arrows incorporating modern weapons systems, such as ones with an explosive head or which generate an energy field capable of disabling most technological devices (see White Star Companion for Explosive, Ion, and Scrambler Arrows).

Movement: Redayo have a ground speed of 12.

Saving Throws: Redayo receive a +2 on saving throws against death or Meditation effects.

Senses: A Redayo's head-antennae allow them a keen sense of smell, and can identify and track people by scent alone.

Adrenaline Control: Redayo Urrli can use the Alter Reflexes Meditation once per day.

Hardy: Due to the harshness of their homeworld, Redayo only need half the normal food and water requirements of a human.

Sense Gifts and Meditations: Redayo Urrli can detect presence of someone able to use Gifts or Meditations within 30 ft. Must declare intent to detect.

Pounce: Redayo can leap up a number of feet equal to their Strength score, and forward a number of yards equal to their Strength score.


Non-Warrior Redayo? I figured that an alien race capable of detecting supernatural powers yet were more physically inclined than the typical "wise alien race" would make for a neat warrior concept of folk trained to fight Void Knights (and to an extension, Star Knights and Mystics as well).  Their power-sensing feature is more the result of training in their order than inborn, as is the specific combat style.

If you wish to play one of those rare Redayo who are out in the galaxy yet not part of their elite order of warriors, drop the Sense Gift and Meditations and bump up their Weapon Proficiency to use any weapons.  Then add a 7th level:

128,000 experience points, 6 hit dice, +4 BHB, and 8 Saving Throw.