Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quasar Knight Products are part of the Christmas in July Sale!

Christmas Image from WP Clipart

Drive-Thru RPG and RPGNow have 25% off on a wide variety of titles in their stores, and my products are all part of the sale.

Here's the Drive-Thru link.

Here's the RPGNow link.

All of my current works are small, affordable sourcebooks for Pathfinder and OSR games providing extended options for both players and GMs.  I tend to go for ideas which haven't been explored much in their respective fandoms, such as monster classes based off of iconic creatures; kickass feats and archetypes intended to help underpowered martial classes do more cool stuff; and new mechanics to apply for a consistent, alignment-free game while still retaining paladins, demons, and other popular fantasy mainstays.

If you had your eyes on my selection for some time, now is a great opportunity to get your book of choice at a bargain price.  If the works of Quasar Knight Enterprises are new to you, give them and their previews a look and see if any appeal to you.