Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Goal This Year: Play New Games

I have an active gaming schedule where I'm the DM for two weekly games.  Going strong several months now, one of them is coming to a close; with that same group I'm planning to run Pathfinder's Kingmaker.  One player from the Pathfinder group is part of my Solo Heroes campaign for Labyrinth Lord, and we are at the point where the game's moving on to domain management (using Kevin Crawford An Echo Resounding).

Late December I made a set of New Year's Resolutions which should reasonably be achieved in 12 months or less.  One of them is to expand my gaming horizons.  Whether it's Pathfinder and D20 variants or Labyrinth Lord, I realize that my primary gaming schedule the past few years ties back into a specific framework of 2 rulesets: Basic and 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons.  Although this is by no means a bad thing or a trend I don't think I'll reverse anytime soon, as a self-publisher of RPG supplements it's a good idea to see how different mechanics shape one's play experience in terms of game design.  And beyond that, it can be fun to go out and try new things!

I with to play these games at least once during 2015.  Whether it's with my own group or another bunch of folks on Roll20, Google Plus, I'd like to sample a bit of each game even if it's just a one-shot.  Although if I really like the game I'd definitely be up for future sessions!  

RPG Wish List:

13th Age
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Dungeon World (& Monsterhearts)
Eclipse Phase
FATE (Core or Accelerated, either's fine)
Mouse Guard
Spears of the Dawn
The One Ring
OVA: Open Versatile Anime
World of Darkness (Old or New, preferably either Vampire or Mage: the Awakening)

I don't know if I'll play all of these games within a year, but I should at the very least try.  Even if I played one session of each game per week, that would take about 3 months time.

I once tried GMing a third game.  Even though it was semi-weekly, preparing notes for this in addition to 2 others led to burnout almost immediately and thus the disbanding of the group.  Knowing my limitations, any regular non-one-shot games I participate in I'd like to be a player for instead of a GM.