Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quasar Knight Enterprises Week-long Valentine's Day Sale

Hello folks.  Ever since early June I cast my hand into the self-publishing business.  The wide selection of material in both Pathfinder and OSR communities meant that a lot of material had been covered, forcing me to find areas which received little coverage or appreciation in the respective games as well as ones which aligned with my own interests.  The Abstract Thief was my first book, a playable mage-thief straight from level one with no multi-classing necessary; Nice Things for Fighters was an attempt to address the martial-caster imbalance, while Playable Monsters and Old School Monster Classes granted folk the ability to play as centaurs, gnolls, and other classic fantasy staples for Pathfinder and Labyrinth Lord respectively.

So for February 12th to the 19th, I'm pricing my entire catalog at 50% off on both Drive-Thru RPG and RPGNow.  Five of my books are Pathfinder-oriented, although my latest (Old School Monster Classes) should be of particular interest to fans of old-school Editions and retroclones.

If you enjoyed any of my work, or have problems processing an order, feel free to contact me on blogspot, Google Plus, Twitter, or my business e-mail (quasarknight at gmaildotcom).  I hope that my work brings joy and inspiration to your gaming table, and to continue doing so as I write more role-playing books down the line.