Sunday, October 26, 2014

Greetings and Welcome

Welcome to my First Post

Hello there.  If you found this blog, you were probably linked to it by one of my social media accounts or advertised forum posts.  Even if you're familiar with my work, I feel that a little introduction is in order.

My name is Ray Chapel.  I post on a lot of table-top role-playing game websites under the username Libertad.  I am a long-time player of Dungeons & Dragon and an avid enthusiast of other games such as the World of Darkness, Eclipse Phase, and much, much more.

I figured that in addition to Twitter and the other usual suspects, a blog would be a good repository for all of my product updates, articles, reviews, and assorted work.  And I do have a lot to say.

Welcome to my online home, and stay tuned for more updates!