Saturday, August 13, 2016

Larius Firetongue's School of Sorcery: First Draft is Done!

Little Witch Academia 2 Art

Pack your adventuring gear and spell component pouches, for magic school's just around the corner for the OSR!

One hundred and six pages. 36,619 words. All in MicroSoft Word, and I figure it's going to be even bigger once I add in page backgrounds and artwork! Even though it's still in development, this is my biggest piece of work yet and most of the tasks remaining involve the help of others. Fortunately I have plenty of stock art to fill the book's interior, but in terms of editing, cover art, and maps, those still need to be done and people hired. I can't predict when this will all be finished, but I'm confident in saying that we're nearing the finish line.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kickstarter Project Throne of Night inspires letter-writing campaign

Comprehensive article I wrote on Throne of Night in general.

Paizo post suggesting letter-writing to KickStarter staff.

Comment section updates.

Derek Blakely/Kevin Video was one of the most optimistic and hopeful of Throne of Night's backers. But everyone has their breaking point, and apparently when the project owner Gary McBride logged back in to back 2 more projects with no contact or update, that was the final straw. He encouraged fellow backers to contact KickStarter staff with the appropriate forms and to let them know the problems.

This started something, as many further posts in the Paizo thread were responses of people following suit. As of this posting, several hours ago Derek said that he got a response from KickStarter staff, who said that they'd contact Gary McBride got grew concerned that nobody else was able to get in contact with him.

Although I wonder why something like this didn't happen earlier with contacting KickStarter, it is interesting in that I haven't often heard of similar tactics done for other vaporware and failed crowdfunding projects in the tabletop fandom. Either way it's interesting to see, and I wonder if it will have an impact on future projects.